Highlights of four-year Houthis’ crackdown against Islah in Mahwit

Highlights of four-year Houthis’ crackdown against Islah in Mahwit

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis consider the Islah Party their first enemy that stands against their destructive projects in Yemen.

The crackdown against the Islah members and the party’s headquarters has been the bold trait that marked the Houthis’ expansion throughout Yemen.

This short report presents some of the abuses and ill-treatment that the Islah party sustained in Mahwit, north Yemen.

Following few weeks of their takeover of the capital Sana’a on 21st September 2014, the Houthis militants occupied Mahwit in October 2014.

They first took control of all state offices in the capital of the governorate by replacing key government officials with their affiliated men. Then, they stormed dozens of houses of the Islah leaders and members in Mahwit.

Several party’s offices, Quran schools, and charity organizations of the Islah were all the first target that came under cruel intimidation, confiscation and shutdown.

 Over 81 houses of the Islah members were stormed. Some houses were subject to looting and confiscation. One of these houses is the home of the Chief of the executive Office in Mahwit, Ahmed Ali Sulh. Other houses that were also looted and confiscated are: Al-Haj Hussein Ma’wad’s residence and Sheikh Mohsen Thamer’s residence.

They [Houthis] have also looted four private vehicles belong to the Islah leaders in Mahwit, personal property documents and women’s jewelry. This led to the displacement of around 1,000 households from Mahwit who fled to Marib, Taiz, Sayoun, Mukkla, Al-Mahra and abroad.

About 40 Islah members in Mahwit were enforced disappeared and around other 400 members were illegally detained. Large number of them remain in detention and vulnerable to different forms of physical and psychological torture.

Torture to death

Dr. Ali Awdah, a member of the Islah in Shibam district was detained in a private-detention facility and was tortured to death in prison.

Testimonies by released members confirm gruesome forms of torture exercised by the Houthis security men at their prisons against the Islah political detainees and abductees.

Three Islah members in Al-Tawilah district were also assassinated by the Houthis militants while in their farm in their hometown village in Bani Al-Khayat.

Participation in state restoration

The Islah of Mahwit has significant role towards efforts for the Yemeni state restoration from the rebels. Thousands of Mahwiti men have joined the resistance forces against the Houthis militants in different fighting fronts.

Until now, 400 of the Mahwiti men have lost their lives and other1,500 have been injured in the fighting against the Houthis rebels in different war fronts.

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