Houthis use UN premises to target government forces in Hodeida

Houthis use UN premises to target government forces in Hodeida


Chief of the government representatives to Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), General Saghir Bin Aziz accused on Saturday evening the Houthis of using the UN premises for targeting the government forces in Hodeida, west Yemen.

In a letter to the chief of the RCC, General, Michael Lollesgaard, Bin Aziz demanded that the RCC chief visits areas that were shelled by the Houthis militants and acts to stop Houthis’ repeated breach of the UN-sponsored truce in Hodeida.  

It is explained in the letter by Bin Aziz that the Houthis militants have attacked government forces’ sites using artillery, tanks and armored vehicles from UN premises. Members of the RCC knew this and took no action, according to Bin Aziz.

Other breaches of the ceasefire committed by the Houthis included attacks against the government military forces in Al-Muthalth area and Al-Saleh city.

These attacks killed ten men from the government military personnel and wounded 20 others, according to the letter published by the Media Center of the Government Representatives to the peace talks.

The government demanded the UN RCC at several occasions to deploy a monitoring team at frontlines to watch the truce implementation until redeployment is done in line to the Stockholm agreement, according to Bin Aziz.

The government’s letter highlighted that until now, the UNRCC has no resources to monitor the ceasefire in the entire Hodeida which drives the Houthis militants to launch attacks against sites of the government forces and residential zones in liberated areas.

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