Spokesman: Reach of understanding between Houthis and Islah merely lies

Spokesman: Reach of understanding between Houthis and Islah merely lies

Alsahwa Net-Deputy Spokesman of the Islah Party, Adnan Al-Odaini refuted on Sunday any string of understanding reached between his party and the Houthis armed group. 

He explained that that the Houthis have been promoting untrue news stories on reach of understanding with the Islah because the party stands defiant to their ambitions of imposing their will on Yemen.

“The use of crackdown and death tools by the Houthis [against Islah members and leaders] failed at making the Islah kneel down to them.

Therefore, they [the Houthis] resort to promotion of lies on reach of understanding with the party,” said Al-Odaini. “The Islah party cannot be lured by labels of partnership as others were being trapped in such hole.”

“They [the Houthis] think that lies of understanding with the Islah can do what their violence instruments failed to achieve. They lie to the [Islah] party whose leaders remain in captivity… thousands of its members were abducted from their homes.”

He added that any party can be fooled by such lies, but not the Islah. “Qahtan [prominent detained leader of the Islah] is a speaking significant evidence of your evil hatred to the Yemenis and the Islah,” said Al-Odaini.

Mohammed Qahtan, a key leader of the Islah party has been in captivity by the Houthis militants since 4th April 2015 with no information about his health condition as he is also banned from visitation.

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