Houthis suspend work of French-aid organization in Ibb

Houthis suspend work of French-aid organization in Ibb


Alsahwa Net- The increasing intervention by the Houthis officials in the aid work continues to bring about negative consequences on lives of thousands of vulnerable households in the Houthis-held areas. The latest development in the issue is the suspension of the French-aid ACTED Organization in Ibb for three successive months. 

Local sources in Ibb said that the organization was forced to suspend its activities in Ibb after the organization administration denied response to intervention by influential Houthis officials in its programs in Ibb.

This made the Houthis leaders to suspend activities of the organization in protest to their instructions being met with rejection on how to implement aid work activities. This brought implications on beneficiary households in Ibb who use to receive emergency food or cash assistance or at least obtain access to water supply.

Over 600 households of the marginalized people in Ibb were the first to pay the price of dispute between the Houthis’ officials and the organization management. Local sources said that the Houthis officials suspended an emergency-cash aid project implemented by ACTED in Ibb that used to pay $120 per month per one marginalized household.


The ACTED- implemented cash for work project in Ibb is among other suspended activities due to clashing intervention imposed on the management of ACTED by the Houthis officials. 

The total suspended projects in Ibb are worth over $one million which used to be implemented by ACTED. These projects cover different basic emergency needs and public service recovery that include protection of water sources, creation of water cisterns to spring water and provision of fuel and electric generators to six water supply projects.  

The ill-practices against the aid organizations by the Houthis officials drove some organizations to leave work in the Houthis-held area which brought bad results on millions of people in dire need for help.







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