Landmine kills two first-responders in Hodeida

Landmine kills two first-responders in Hodeida


Two first-responders were killed on Friday by a landmine, planted by the Houthis militants in Hais District, south Hodeida. The two men lost their lives while on the way when they were in the ambulance vehicle to admit two citizens shot injured by Houthis snipers, local media outlets reported.

The first-responders were on a mission to take care of a man and his wife who were shot wounded by Houthis snipers stationed in north Hais district, the local sources explained. The ambulance vehicle was blown up by an explosive device planted by the Houthis on the main road. The incident led to the death of the two first-responders. The ambulance driver sustained serious injuries.

Thousands of Landmines that were planted by the Houthis in all major fighting areas, have claimed lives of thousands of civilians in Hodeida, Taiz, Marib, Al-Jawf and Aden, according to the government and non-government originations.

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