Restoring urban life: Marib city ornaments with 13,000 trees on streets

Restoring urban life: Marib city ornaments with 13,000 trees on streets


Alsahwa Net-The city of Marib celebrated on Friday the completion of 13,000 trees plantation on streets. The process is part of a project to build sidewalks and plant trees on main roads, streets, sub-roads, public squares and car parks across Marib city.

 Although such activity is widely popular across the world, the action tastes different at present in Yemen as the country experiences miseries of fighting and lack of basic services including water and electricity access.

The Cleaning and Improvement Fund, a local public department that is tasked to collect waste and take care of street cleanness and greenness, implements the project of tree planting in Marib with total cost of YR100 million ($178.5 thousand).

 The local-funded project is intended to plant 66 thousand trees. So far, the fund has been able to finish planting 13 thousand trees. The grown trees include fruits, forestry and ornamental trees, the state-run Saba News Agency quoted on Friday Mohammed Attia, general director of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Marib.

Around 26 thousand square meters of sidewalks have been already built in the city. Decorative objects have been also installed along 11 thousand square -meter streets, according to Attia.

He added that the fund has collected about 141 thousand tons of solid waste during the past two years despite shortness of equipment, workers and an increasing urban expansion in the city due to flow of displaced people.

The next step for officials of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Marib is to build gardens, parks and activate the central greenhouse to produce ornamental trees. Officials plan also to fence the central wasteland and modernize their operations with new tools and equipment to cope with the rapid urbanization in the city.

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