Security campaign against saboteurs in Marib enjoys popular support

Security campaign against saboteurs in Marib enjoys popular support



A number of popular and government figures have expressed support to the ongoing security campaign that began on Wednesday morning against saboteurs in Marib, north east Yemen.  The campaign is to pursue gunmen accused of sabotage acts, banditry, destabilization of calmness and murder of citizens.

Social media activists voiced their support for the right of the local authority to use force against anyone destabilizes the public order. Marib is one of the government-held governorates that is often targeted by the rebel forces who control the capital Sana’a and other northern areas.

Muammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Information, tweeted on Thursday that attempts to create a rift between citizens of Marib and the local authority and the security forces will never succeed. “Marib, a symbol of [Yemen’s] history and [old] civilization was the first that stood for state restoration. It will remain the fort to all Yemenis and a thorn in the Houthis militants’ side” said Al-Eryani.

He explained that following the Iran-backed Houthis’ coup, Marib cuddles Yemenis of all political belongings and a model of security, stability and social harmony and coexistence. He saluted the governor of Marib, Sheikh Sultan Al-Arada and the local authority leadership for being a tiny picture of the homeland that all Yemenis yearn to have.

Al-Arada and his family escaped death on Thursday morning when the Houthis hit his home, south east Marib with a ballistic missile. No human toll was reported, but the house sustained serious damage.

For his part, Ambassador, Abdulwhab Tawaf, said that measures taken by leadership of Marib reassure that the governorate moves forward with firm steps.

Member of the Arab Parliament, Alawi Al-Basha has also tweeted in support of the security measures that are being taken against saboteurs. He said that the position of Marib has been already established to defend the federal Yemen and outcomes of the national dialogue conference.” We will not abandon this goal until the end of the last Yemeni citizen,” said Al-Basha. He added that “The security of Marib is a security to everyone and a dignity of citizens must be totally preserved.”

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