Houthis set up new barricades in civilian areas of Hodeida

Houthis set up new barricades in civilian areas of Hodeida

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis militants have set up new barricades in civilians’ buildings nearby frontlines of the fighting in Al-Khamsin Street in Hodeida city, west Yemen.

The militants have built more barricades in civilian buildings following three failed attacks they led recently to recapture areas that they lost in 2018.

 Setting up new barricades comes within larger military escalation by the rebels that exceeded gun shooting and shelling to infiltration attempts and large-scale attacks aimed for retaking liberated areas, according to military sources.  

 One part of their escalation is the intensive shelling from civilian areas against liberated areas in Hodeida city. This is accompanied by constant breach of the UN-sponsored truce and rejection to implement the Sweden-based agreement since last December.

Field sources said that groups of the Houthis militants were seen nearby the frontlines and inside civilian areas close to the liberated areas.

Military sources have already warned this week from new military movements and reinforcements being sent to Hodeida by the Houthis amidst UN moves to achieve any progress towards implementation of the Sweden-based agreement on Hodeida that says that the Houthis must withdraw from Hodeida city and its seaports.

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