Organization: Female detainees vulnerable to torture in Houthis-run prisons

Organization: Female detainees vulnerable to torture in Houthis-run prisons

Alsahwa Net- The Geneva-based Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties said on Wednesday that female detainees in the Houthis-run prisons are vulnerable to serious abuses that pushed some victims to commit suicide attempts.

A report released by the organization said that the Houthis established a special security apparatus for women. The apparatus takes part in storming houses, detaining women, luring female dissidents for detention as well as gathering information about female opponents.

The report cited testimonies by victims, their relatives and eyewitnesses who spoke to the organization about bold abuses against female detainees in the Houthis-run prisons. These reported abuses took place at the police detention stations and the Houthis- affiliated security checkpoints.

The report highlighted that female detention and disappearance sites included deserted places which are used for investigation and psychological torture. Deserted places are basically citizens’ houses whose owners were forced to abandon their homes.

 And police stations where women have been detained, are also under Houthis’ management since they took control of Sana’a in late 2014. The report indicated that some female detainees were severely tortured and cruelly mistreated that made them commit suicide attempts.

The organization called on the Houthis to release all female detainees who were arrested for political reasons and to stop taking more women into prisons. It also asked the Houthis to improve conditions of female inmates until finalizing procedures of their release.

“Although women in Yemen enjoy a special status, they lost such position following the Houthis’ control of Sana’a,” the report quoted Tawfiq Al-Humaidi, chief of the organization.

“Now, women are vulnerable to serious abuses that disagree with the social norms and humanitarian values as well as violate the Woman’s Rights Convention. Bad-treatment against women in Yemen by the Houthis, have been largely documented,” added Al-Humaidi.

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