Houthis intensify abduction of civilians in Saadah

Houthis intensify abduction of civilians in Saadah

Alsahwa Net-The Iran-backed Houthi rebels have intensified their arrest campaigns against civilians in the area of Razeh of Saadah governorate.

Local sources affirmed that the Houthis restored what is called “the hostage system” which was practiced during the Imamate rule before the 1962 revolution.

Under to the hostage system, one persons is taken from powerful families and be held inside houses of rulers with the aim of guaranteeing  that these families do not rebel or oppose ruling regime.

Meanwhile, the rebels intensified the organization of summer centers in different governorates with the aim of recruiting children and sending them to battlefields.

Local people of the capital Sana’a told Alsahwa Net that the Houthis use summer Quranic centers to collect children, and send them later to military camps.

They warned the Yemeni people to be careful and not to send their sons to such centers, emphasizing that they will be learned sectarianism, and extreme and terrorist ideology courses.

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