Massive protest denies informal military forms in Socotra

Massive protest denies informal military forms in Socotra

Alsahwa Net- Massive protest on Sunday took into streets of the southern governorate of Socotra in support of  Yemen’s legitimate government.

The protest raised slogans which called for banning the creation of any military forms inside Socotra, stressing that the creation of illegal military forms will stir up strife and seditions.

The protesters called tribal leaders and dignitaries to unify, shoulder their responsibilities and maintain the social fabric.

Governor of Socotra Ramzi Mahrous spoke to the protesters, asserting that the local authorities of Socotra refuse any military forms outside the Yemeni army and security services. 

Mahrous said that the military forms which have been recently created in Socotra pose threats to people of Socotra.

In a meeting with tribal leaders and dignitaries last week, Mahrous affirmed that Socotra was gonging through a critical conjuncture, urging all people of Socotra to shoulder their responsibility and stand against such threats surrounding the governorate. He spelt out that some bodies recruit youth and children to work as outlaws and militias.

Yemen coastline forces last Tuesday managed to thwart a sabotage act in Socotra port.

Socotra’s’ local authorities have spelt out that sabotage elements of what is called “the security belt” on Tuesday assaulted Socotra port and clashed with the coastline forces tasked to secure the port.

In a statement, the authorities affirmed that these elements were defeated and forced to flee, pointing  out that the port is now under the control of government forces.

On Tuesday, outlaws tried to attack Governor of Socotra Ramzy Mahrous and Fishery Resource Minister Fahad Kafayen in Socotra after Mahrous vowed to prevent any attempt to destabilize Socotra, stressing that Socotra’s population refuse any military forms outside the Yemeni army.

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