Houthis organize summer religious centers to recruit children

Houthis organize summer religious centers to recruit children

Alsahwa Net- The Iran-backed Houthi rebels intensified the organization of summer centers in different governorates with the aim of recruiting children and sending them to battlefields.

Local people of the capital Sana’a told Alsahwa Net that the Houthis use summer Quranic centers to collect children, and send them later to military camps.

They warned the Yemeni people to be careful and not to send their sons to such centers, emphasizing that they will be learned sectarianism, and extreme and terrorist ideology courses

Moreover, the Houthi militias had authorized scores of Houthi clerics to recruit children in Sana’a schools, local sources in Sana’a told Alsahwa Net.

Many Yemeni families from different governorates complain that their children are taken by the Houthis, without their permission, to fight in different fighting fronts.

The sources said that the Houthi-appointed Governor of Sana’a Hamoud Obad personally supervise the recruitment and mobilization processes.

Yemeni rights groups have issued reports in which they affirmed that one third of the Houthi fighters are under 18 years.

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