Yemen considers resorting to military option in Hodeida

Yemen considers resorting to military option in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- Yemen is currently considering the resorting to force against the Iran-backed Houthis after the political processes reached deadlock in Hodeida, government sources told the Saudi Okaz newspaper.

The sources said that the government undertakes consultations with its regional and international allies, pointing out that it will not take decisions individually.

Information deputy minister Abdul-Basit al-Kaedi told Okaz asserted that the government is keen to reach reconciliation and that the Houthis renounced all peace agreements.

He further said that the Houthis only understand the war approach, emphasizing that the government will find itself forced to resort to force and impose peace.

Since the Stockholm Agreement was reached, the Houthis did not give up violence, and committed massacres against Yemeni civilians in different governorates” al-Kaedi added

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