Houthis store weapons close to detainees

Houthis store weapons close to detainees

Alsahwa Net- The Iran-backed Houthi rebels are storing weapons close to places in which detainees area imprisoned in Ibb governorate, well-informed sources told Alsahwa Net.

They said that “the Houthis are psychologically torturing dozens of abductees inside prisons of Ibb governorate through storing weapons close to them.”

Houthis are used to detain political foes inside military positions which are suspiciously targets of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

Saudi military officialshave accused Houthi forces of using detainees and abductees as human shields.

On 2015, journalists, politicians and activists were found killed in a military position after it was  targeted by the Arab coalition.

The bodies of two famous Yemeni journalists Abdullah Qabil and Youssef al-Ayzari, were found in the rubble of a military positions in Dhamar in 2015. The journalists were found days after they had been abducted by the Houthis.

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