Yemen: Houthis are responsible for suspension of WFP’s aid

Yemen: Houthis are responsible for suspension of WFP’s aid

Alsahwa Net- Yemen has strongly condemned the stealing of food assistance and the obstruction of World Food Programme’s humanitarian work by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

Yemen Foreign Ministry said, in a statement, on Thursday, that the Houthis are responsible for the WFP’s partial suspension of its assistance to Yemenis, pointing out that 850,000 persons will be affected by the recent WFP’s suspension.

The ministry said that the Houthis continue stealing of humanitarian aid and blackmailing relief organizations.

The statement noted that what was disclosed by WFP about the Houthis’ violations of assistance is a microcosm of gross violations practiced by the Houthis against relief organizations.   

WFP announced on Thursday the "partial suspension" of aid to Yemen's capital Sana’a, controlled by Houthi rebels, citing problems with "diversion of food" from the neediest.

The WFP said its decision was taken after negotiations stalled on an agreement "to introduce controls to prevent the diversion of food away from some of the most vulnerable people in Yemen," adding "some individuals seek to profit by preying on the vulnerable."

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