WFP threatens to suspend assistance to Houthi-run areas

WFP threatens to suspend assistance to Houthi-run areas

Alsahwa Net- Officials the World Food Programme (WFP) have accused the Houthis of forfeiture and stealing of assistances provided to poor Yemenis.

On Monday, Executive Director of WFP David Beasley told the UN Security Council that food assistance provided by the United Nations is being diverted in areas controlled by the Houthis at the expense of children, women and men.

Beasley spelt out that WFP uncovered serious evidence that some food was going to the wrong people.

WFP have gave the Houthis 20 days ultimatum to give assurances of committing to agreements and protocols, asserting that assistances would be suspended gradually if the Houthis don’t respond.

It is worth reclaiming that Beasley in has been trying for 12 months to get a written pledge from the Houthis to change their behaviors, but they always refuse.

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