Houthis use UN organization to smuggle fuel

Houthis use UN organization to smuggle fuel

Alsahwa Net- The Iran-backed Houthis have used the World Food Programme (WFP) to smuggle fuel to Hodeida.

Yemeni officials said that WFP officials requested to allow the entry of  a diesel cargo to Hodeida to operate flour mills in Hodeida. However, it was uncovered that the cargo was commercial.

The officials affirmed that the cargo was enough for meeting the need of the Houthi-run areas for 10 days, not for only operating small flour mills.

Meanwhile, officials WFP have accused the Houthis of forfeiture and stealing of assistances provided to poor Yemenis.

They gave the Houthis 20 days ultimatum to give assurances of committing to agreements and protocols , asserting that assistances would be suspended gradually if the Houthis don’t respond.

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