Western media can't see this type of terror in Yemen

Western media can't see this type of terror in Yemen

US and European news websites see Yemen only through the Houthi prism. Houthi child fighters killed on the warfronts are shown as civilian children in the stories of the CNN, the Guardian, the Antiwar, the Associated Press, Sputnik International, the Truthout and the list goes on.  The Houthi terrorists regularly murder children and adult civilians individually and en mass, by sniper shooting and by heavy shelling, and that is always off the radar of these outlets.

A fresh story and photos (enclosed) have just come of a Houthi rocket attack in Yemen's central Taiz city where the roof of the house was crushed over the head of the inhabitants injuring a girl and sending her siblings and parents in panic.

The house hit with rocket lies in Aljashash neighborhood in downtown the city which is under Houthi siege for nearly four years.

Over the past week which Yemenis celebrated as "Eid al-Fitr" festivity snipers of the Houthi organization killed scores of children as young as three and elderly women as well.

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