Houthi snipers gun down child in Taiz on Eid day

Houthi snipers gun down child in Taiz on Eid day

Alsahwa Net- Houthis killed a new child in Yemen's central city of Taiz on Wednesday the first day of Eid al-Fitr in the militia-held territories, the second day of the festivity in government-held territories.

Houthi snipers  gunned down Ali Ghaleb Almajeedi young teenage (whose exact age is not known) while he was walking in Maqbanah district west of the city.

The Shia extremists besieging the city and killing its civilians for nearly four years had fired a barrage of rockets into the city's downtown the day before killing and injuring four people including a couple sleeping in their house.

Western media covering Yemen maintain an undeclared policy of almost total ignorance of the terrorist religious organization's atrocities in Yemen.

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