UN grant for Houthis sparks widespread discontent amid Yemenis

UN grant for Houthis sparks widespread discontent amid Yemenis

Alsahwa Net- Yemeni politicians, journalists, activists and others expressed discontent after the  Yemen granted the Houthis 20  four-drive vehicles for clearing mines.

They expressed surprise as the UN provided the Houthis with the grant, stressing that the Houthi Movement  is the only group that plant mines in Yemen.

On Tuesday, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) announced providing 20 Hilux armored vehicles to the Yemen Executive Action Centre (YEMAC), a militant-controlled agency, to support its purported demining efforts in the Red Sea city of Hodeida.

Yemen Information Minister Muamar al-Eryani has slammed the 20 four-drive car grant provided for a Houthi-run mine clearance center in Hodeida.

On a tweet, Al-Eryani labeled the grant as “ a new UN scandal” and a reckless disregard for the lives of Yemenis.

He further said that the Houthis did not clear a single mine since the Houthis carried out their coup against the legitimate government, and that they planted hundreds of thousands of mines which claimed the lives of many Yemenis.



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