Outrage against UN Envoy’s behavior mounts in Yemen

Outrage against UN Envoy’s behavior mounts in Yemen

Alsahwa Net- Voices calling for terminating the assignment of the UN Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths have increased, accusing him of collision with the Houthi Movement.

This wave of anger increased following Griffiths’ briefing to the UN Security Council in which he praised the Houthis’ withdrawal from Yemeni ports.

A representative of the Yemeni government to the Redeployment Committee in Hodeida Sagheer bin Aziz  has strongly criticized the briefing, saying that Griffiths sought through his briefing to legitimize the existence of the Houthis, pointing out that he ignored the UN resolutions on Yemen.

He further said that Griffiths ignored the sufferings of the Yemenis caused by the Houthi coup, ponting out that only care for staying in his position through appeasing the Houthis.

Bin Aziz stressed that the Houthis did not withdraw from the ports of Hodeida, and that the Houthis only allowed to some staff of the UN to enter the ports under conditions.

He stressed that the Houthis still refuse all potential options to redeploy in Hodeida, signaling out that they also reject to implement the Stockholm agreement reached in last December in Sweden

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