Houthis brutally execute man in front of family

Houthis brutally execute man in front of family

Alsahwa Net- Houthi gunmen stormed into a house of a man in Ibb governorate and executed him in front of his family.

Local sources said that the Houthis tried to arrest a man, who is called al-Sha’ouri, several times before because he is one their oppositionists in Ibb, but they failed. However, once they found him, they shot him dead in front of his children and wife.

The Houthis have committed more than 7,000 crimes against civilians in Ibb since they took over the governorate in October 2014.

According to human rights groups stated, 951 persons including women and children were murdered in different districts of Ibb in 2018.

Their crimes also  included murder, attempted murder, attacks, thefts and robbery of properties and other crimes, they reported.

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