Yemen condemns terrorist attacks on Saudi oil stations

Yemen condemns terrorist attacks on Saudi oil stations

Alsahwa Net- Yemen has strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on two oil pumping stations on Tuesday.

In a statement, the Yemeni government said that the target of Saudi oil stations is an incitement by Iran, pointing out that it forms an outrageous breach of all peace efforts and threatens a collapse of all the UN's peace brokerage efforts" in Yemen.

The statement also said that “the Houthis poses threat to the regional and global security. "These are terror acts that don't differ from what any other terror group does."

It further asserted that Yemen stands alongside Saudi Arabia and supports its rights to take all measures to preserve its security and counter terrorism in all its forms.

The government said that the attacks put the whole international community face to face with their collective responsibility to repel the Houthis and their backers.

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