Western media tempering real extremist image of Houthis

Western media tempering real extremist image of Houthis


By Yaseen Khaled

Many western media show strong tendency to promote the image of Houthis as a peace loving group that takes unilateral steps towards de-escalation.

The BBC, Sky News, Jerusalem Post, NPR were quick to publish the false news that the Shia militants are withdrawing from Hodeidah seaport last night, even though that had not yet begun.

Last December there was a rumor of a similar Houthi withdrawal. Within hours the story went viral on news websites with the same promotional tone and claim of "unilateral" Houthi move in use now .

For all the advertising campaign, the "withdrawal" later emerged to be a mere stage play.

It is no secret to journalists and intellectuals in Yemen and outside that Houthis is a cunning and wild Jihadist religious organization pursuing a theocratic rule and bent on physically eliminating the oppositionist population no matter its size. But minds see only what they are "prepared to comprehend."

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