Presidential advisor accuses UN of collusion with Houthis

Presidential advisor accuses UN of collusion with Houthis

Alsahwa Net- The presidential advisor Abdul-Malik al-Mikhlafi has accused the United Nation of colluding with the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

He noted that the UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths did not condemn the Houthi violations of the UN resolutions on Yemen, pointing out that such behaviors fuel the continuation of the war.

The team representing the Yemeni government in the troop deployment committee in Hodeida has said that any Houthi unilateral pullout from Yemeni ports is a sham.

Sagheer bin Aziz, a member of the committee, affirmed that the Government is ready to implement the first phase of the redeployment according to the agreed plan, stressing that any move does not allow for joint monitoring and verification would be unacceptable.

The UN teams overseeing the troop redeployment in Hodeida said on Friday that the Houthis plan to pull out from the ports of Hodeida, Al-Saleef and Ras Eisa on Saturday.

The Houthi group unilaterally agreed to pull out its forces from three key ports, the UN said, a move needed to pave the way for political negotiations to end the country's four-year war.

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