Houthis abduct workers, release them with ransoms

Houthis abduct workers, release them with ransoms

Alsahwa Net- The Iran-backed Houthi rebels have intensified their abduction campaigns against workers and travellers  in Dhamar governorate.

Local sources affirmed told Alsahwa Net that workers are abducted in Houthi checkpoints when they are moving to other governorates to look for jobs, and only release them when their families pay ransoms.

Meanwhile, the Houthis continue detaining more than ten journalists and use them as bargaining chips.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned the use of Yemeni journalists as bargaining chips in the conflict.

IFJ demanded the release of the abducted journalists by the Houthis in 2010 after the Yemeni Journalists Syndicated issued warnings that the journalists have been tortured.

In a press release, IFJ said that the Houthis  have repeatedly broken all international conventions and norms on the treatment of prisoners.


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