NUJ demand release of tortured journalists in Yemen

NUJ demand release of tortured journalists in Yemen

Alsahwa Net- The National Union of Journalists in the UK and Ireland (NUJ) has  demanded an immediate release of a group of journalists abducted by Ansar Allah (Houthis) in 2015 after the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate issued new warnings that they have been tortured.

A number of rights groups and journalist unions warned against the use of Yemeni journalists as bargaining chips in the country's ongoing conflict.

NUJ said that the Houthis have repeatedly broken all international conventions and norms on the treatment of prisoners.

The journalists - Abdulkhaleq Ahmad Omran, Akram Saleh Al-Walidi, Al-Hareth Saleh Hameed, Tawfeeq Mohammed Al-Mansouri, Hisham Ahmad Tartoum, Hisham Abdulamalek Al-Yousefi, Haitham Abdulrahman Raweh, Issam Ameen Balgheith, Hassam Abdullah Anab and Salah Mohammed Al-Qaidi - have been subjected to physical and psychological violence and were denied health care and family visits.


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