Hadhramout marks third anniversary of defeating al-Qaeda

Hadhramout marks third anniversary of defeating al-Qaeda

Alsahwa Net- A celebration was arranged Wednesday in the governorate of Hadhramout on the third anniversary of defeating  al-Qaeda.

Governor of Hadhramout Faraj al-Bahsani praised, during the celebration, the people of Hadhramout who refused the existence of al-Qaeda in their governorate, and stood by the government until they were defeated.

He stressed that Hadhramout is making great transformations after defeating al-Qaeda, pointing out that Yemen Parliament could hold its session s in Hadhramout this month.

Al-Bahsani emphasized that Hadhramout has become more stable and secure, praising the roles played by Yemen’s president Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Saudi-led Arab Coalition to stabilize Hadhramout.

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