AMA: 70 former abductees experience mental suffering

AMA: 70 former abductees experience mental suffering

Alsahwa Net-The Abductees’ Mothers Association  (AMA) has revealed that about 70 former abductees who were recently released by the Houthis still experience mental suffering.

During a hearing session for the abductees held in Taiz, a representative of AMA Asma al-Rae said the number of abductees taken by the Houthis in 2018 amounted 553 in Taiz as a lone and 1442 in Yemen as a whole.

According to Al-Rae, many abductees do not report about their abductions due to the fear of the Houthi revenge against them.

A Yemeni advocate, Ali al-Hadaqi said that most of the Yemeni abductees are civilians who were taken from their job locations and checkpoints without any crimes or accusations. 

During the session, some abductee narrated their stories of abduction by the Houthis.

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