Three cholera outbreak kills three people in Dhamar

Three cholera outbreak kills three people in Dhamar

Alsahwa Net- Three persons were killed by cholera outbreak in Otama directorate of Dhamar governorate.

Local statistics said that the suspected cases of cholera  in Otoma reached  150, most of them are women, children and elderly people.

Doctors without Borders has warned of a sharp increase in suspected cholera cases throughout Yemen.

As of Mar 17, nearly 109,000 cases of watery diarrhea and suspected cholera have been reported in Yemen, along with 190 related deaths. The WHO said about a third of the illnesses are in children younger than 5.

Doctors without Borders, said it had begun offering treatment at a dedicated Cholera unit at Sana’a’s Kuwait University Hospital, where its teams have treated 145 patients within the last 48 hours.

The outbreak comes 2 years after the country experienced the world's largest cholera outbreak ever recorded, an event that sickened more than 1 million people.

A report of the Associated Press has revealed that the Houthis blocked a shipment of cholera vaccines in the summer of 2017, causing the outbreak of Cholera across the conflict-torn country of Yemen.

“The green light for the plane to head to northern Yemen never came. The U.N. wasn’t able to distribute cholera vaccines to Yemen until May 2018 and the outbreak ultimately produced more than 1 million suspected cholera cases — the worst cholera epidemic recorded in modern times and a calamity that medical researchers say may have been avoided if vaccines had been deployed sooner” the report added.

“U.N. officials blamed the canceled flight on the difficulties in distributing vaccines during an armed conflict. But officials with knowledge of the episode told The Associated Press that the real reason was that the Houthi rebels who control northern Yemen refused to allow the vaccines to be delivered, after spending months demanding that the U.N. send ambulances and other medical equipment for their military forces as a condition for accepting the shipment” the report went on.




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