Houthis commit grim violations in Dahamar

Houthis commit grim violations in Dahamar

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis have committed approximately 69 human rights violations during the first quarter of 2019 in Dhamar governorate.

A report issued by Shomoul for Media and Human Rights said the violations included 7 cases of murder, 5 cases of torture, 33 cases of enforced disappearance and abduction, and 21 cases of confiscating and looting proprieties.

Meanwhile, it was reportedly claimed that Houthis executed 31 ones of their fighters in Hodeida after exploring that they were planning to surrender themselves to the government forces.

Wadhah al-Dubaish, a senior Yemeni officer, stated that the Houthis were executed after were accused of treason and they were buried at a school’s backyard in the area of al-Duraihimi.

Al-Dubaish spelt out that the executed fighters have been contacted by the Yemeni army since March 28 through a mediator.

 “However, when the Houthi militias explored their intention to join the Yemeni army, they were executed” Dubaish added.

“According to the mediator, all the executed fighters were imprisoned for two days, then Houthi leaders ordered to execute all of them.” Dubaish went on.

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