YJS document 28 violations against journalists in 3 months

YJS document 28 violations against journalists in 3 months

Alsahwa Net- The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) has documented 28 journalists against its members during the first quarter of 2019.

YJS said in a report that its members “are facing risky conditions”,  asserting that 14 journalists have been held by the Houthis and another one by al-Qaeda since 2015. 

The report registered one murder case against Zeyad al-Shara’abi, 4 cases of assaults, 11 trials and investigations.

It further noted that the 17 cases were perpetrated by the Houthis, 11 cases by governmental forces and 3 cases by other parties.

Meanwhile, the  Yemeni Media Freedom Observatory recorded 144 violations of media freedom in Yemen in 2018, including 12 cases of killings. Numerous forms of violations were perpetrated including murder, injury, kidnapping, assaults and targeting media organizations.

According to the Observatory, in addition to the 12 cases of murder, there were 43 cases of kidnapping and attempted kidnapping, 11 injury cases, 6 attempted murders, 16 arrests, 10 assaults, 9 dismissals from work, 7 threats, 5 incursions and looting of journalist lodgings, 12 violations against media institutions, and 13 other violations.

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