Rights group condemn prevention of visiting abductees

Rights group condemn prevention of visiting abductees

Alsahwa Net- The National Organization for Yemeni Media Practitioners (SADA) has condemned the prevention of Yemeni abductees in Sana’a from being visited by their families. 

SADA said it received complaints that the Houthi Movement prevented the abductees from being visited by their families and that they also was deprived from receiving food and medicine from their families.

Meanwhile, the Abductees’ Mothers Association (AMA) has arranged a protest in the capital Sana’a, demanding to save abductees and enforcedly disappeared persons from torture inside the notorious prison of the Political Security.

AMA appealed to the High Commissioner for Human Rights and International Committee of the Red Cross to assume their humanitarian responsibilities towards the abductees and enforcedly disappeared inside Houthi prisons, pointing out that they are subjected to sexual harassments.

In a statement, AMA affirmed that the abductees and disappeared have been being subjected to different sorts of torture for two weeks, emphasizing that they were deprived from being visited by their families.

Meanwhile, The Geneva-based Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties has revealed that the abductees held inside the Political Security prison in Sana’a are subjected to brutal torture and that some of them are put in solitary confinements.

In a report, the organization noted that the Houthis deprive the detainees inside the Political Security’s notorious prison in Sana’a from being visited by their families.



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