Hadi: Iran incite the Houthis to thwart agreements

Hadi: Iran incite the Houthis to thwart agreements

Alsahwa Net- President Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi has accused Iran of inciting the Houthi rebels to thwart the agreements reached in December 2018 in Sweden.

During his speech in the 30th Arab summit held in Tunisia, Hadi stressed that the war resulted in humanitarian tragedies in every Yemeni areas and recessed the state’s economy, blaming the Houthi coup.

Hadi expressed the government’s keenness to reach peace, stressing that the government exerted utmost efforts to reach a reconciliation, and that the Houthis circumvent and impede any agreements.

Hadi emphasized that the government was fully aware since the beginning of Stockholm's consultations that the Houthis won't implement anything of what has been agreed to, reiterating that they always fail to honor their obligations.  

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