Houthis execute four civilians in Dhamar

Houthis execute four civilians in Dhamar

Alsahwa  Net- The Iran-backed Houthi rebels have lured four civilians from a rural village and execute them in Dhamar city on Friday.

The Houthis ruled out that the four persons were executed and claimed that they were killed while fighting to their side in the western coast.

Local people affirmed that the Houthis executed Mansour al-Ma’abri, Mohammed al-Ma’abari, Ammar al-Sewah and Ali al-Ma’abri as they were opposing them and refused to join their battlefields.

It is worth reclaiming that the Houthis are accused of recruiting  25,000 children to fight in their ranks.

“The Houthis had admitted that they recruited 18,000 children, but the real figure is more than that” the Yemeni Human Rights Minister Mohammed Askar had remarked.

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