UN official: The Houthis committed grim crimes against children

UN official: The Houthis committed grim crimes against children

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict Virginia Gamba has stated that an understanding memorandum was signed between the United Nations and the Arab Coalition.

Gamba revealed that there is a cooperation between the United Nations and the Arab Coalition to create a child protection unit, pointing out that the UN will set of a training programme to raise awareness about child protection.

She spelt out that the Houthis commit grim violations against children, stressing the importance of ending violence and risks against children.

Yemeni activists say that no a day passes without the disappearance of children, clarifying that after children are  killed, the Houthis admit that they were fighting to their side.

Many families are shocked when their sons are brought back to them as corpses after they are abducted by the Houthis, mostly from schools, the sources added.

Yemen’s human rights minister has accused the Iran-backed Houthi rebels of recruiting 25,000 children and involving them in their senseless wars.

“The Houthis had admitted that they recruited 18,000 children, but the real figure is more than that” he added.

 “In late December 2018, a roadmap was signed to end the child soldiers recruitment with UNICEF because the phenomenon of child recruitment largely spread” he went on.

He highly praised efforts exerted by the UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths to end the Yemen war, calling Russia and the international community to put pressures on the Houthis to implement the Stockholm agreement.

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