Indiscriminate bombardment drive out dozens of families in Ibb

Indiscriminate bombardment drive out dozens of families in Ibb

Alsawha Net- Dozens of families have been displaced from the area of al-Awd in Ibb governorate owing to indiscriminate bombardment by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

Local sources told Alsahwa Net that some families could not flee as a result of the fighting between the Houthis and residents of al-Awad backed by government forces.

Moreover, the Houthis have demanded the population of al-Tuhaita district in Hodeida governorate to leave their homes, threatening them with bombardment if they do not respond.

They further forced merchants of the neighboring neighborhood of  Zabid to pay levies and abducted those who refuse.

Houthis on Friday severely bombarded positions of the Yemeni army  in Hodeida.

Military sources told Alsahwa Net used heavy weapons against positions of the Yemeni army in Hais district in the south of Hodeida.


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