About 7060 human rights violations committed in Kushar

About 7060 human rights violations committed in Kushar

Alsahwa Net- A committee tasked to tackle the humanitarian disaster in Kushar district, Hajjah governorate, has revealed that 7060 violations were committed by the Houthis against the people of Kushar.

The committee said that the violations ranged from murder to abducted, displacement, destruction of properties and blow-up of houses. 

It spelt out that 91 persons were killed, 370 wounded, 174 captured, 60 missed and 5083 displaced. It also mentioned that over 400 properties including houses and cars were destroyed and looted.

Meanwhile, the Houthis killed 62 civilians and wounded 217 others in the area of Hajour, in Hajjah governorate, during the past few weeks, the executive of the Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations Mutahar al-Budaiji has revealed.

In a speech delivered at the Human Rights Council last week, al-Budaiji said that the Houthis bombarded 24 houses, seized 123 farms and ruined 30 others, asserting that they are still committing violations against civilians. 

Al-Budaiji emphasized that grim crimes are being committed by the Houthis in Hajour after they managed to take it over.

He urged the concerned human rights organizations to document the crimes committed against civilians in Yemen, demanding, in the meantime, to hardly work to release the detained Yemeni journalists and activists.

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