Vice President calls for international pressures on Houthis

Vice President calls for international pressures on Houthis

Alsahwa Net- Vice President Ali Muhsin Saleh has affirmed that the lack of putting pressures on the Houthis by the international community encouraged them to be intransigent.

Saleh asserted that the Yemeni government is keen to mitigate the suffering of Yemenis and open safe entries to deliver food assistances.

During his meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Yemen Kang Yong, he pointed to massacres committed against people of Hajour in Hajjah. 

Saleh highly appreciated efforts by friendly states and the United Nations to bring peace to Yemen, signaling out that the Houthi still circumvent not to implement the Sweden Agreement.

For his part, the Chinese Ambassador affirmed his country’s support to the efforts aiming to reaching reconciliation in Yemen on the bases of the UN Resolution 2216, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the GCC-mediated initiative.



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