Houthis storm into mosque, kill imam in Dhamar

Houthis storm into mosque, kill imam in Dhamar

Alsahwa Net- A Houthi gunman on Friday stormed into a mosque in al-Hada district of Dhamar governorate, shooting its imam dead.

Local sourced affirmed that Mohammed al-Ezzi al-Kulabi was murdered while he was waiting for performing prayer.

The Houthis targeted imams and preachers of mosques who do not follow up and commit to their ideologies and instructions. A report issued by Yemeni religious scholars in 2017 stated that 50 imams and preachers of mosques were abducted by the Houthis.

Additionally, the report affirmed that the Hotuhis used mosques as weapon stocks and turned some of them into military barracks.

It further noted that most violations against mosques were in the capital Sana'a and Saadah, pointing out that some mosques were blown up with dynamites and other were bombed.

According to the report, the militias replaced most imams and preachers of mosques  with Houthis in an attempt to spread their sectarian ideologies.

The report also concluded that the behaviors and acts of the militias endanger the social fabric in Yemen, pointing out that they import Iranian ideologies and try to spread them among Yemenis.








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