Islah expresses sorrow over Amnesty International’s distorting claims

Islah expresses sorrow over Amnesty International’s distorting claims

Alsahwa Net- The Islah party in Taiz has expressed sorrow over the claims posted by International Amnesty, asserting that the organization received misleading information from incredible sources which aim to distort the party’s reputation.

In a statement, the party affirmed that it has no relation to perpetrators of crimes, reiterating that it reserves the right to sue those involved in distorting its reputation, calling the international organization to verify its sources.  

It strongly condemned all crimes and abuses committed against Yemenis, particularly children, calling the authorities to hold the perpetrators accountable and bring them to justice. 

It spelt out that criminal incidents are exploited by opponents to carry out propaganda campaigns against political parties to achieve political aims.

Amnesty International had quoted families of four boys as saying that that their sons had been sexually assaulted in a series of incidents over the past eight months, and alleging that those responsible were Islahi-aligned militiamen supported by the Saudi Arabia-led Coalition. 

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