Yemen Gov’t expresses surprise over Hunt’s statement

Yemen Gov’t expresses surprise  over Hunt’s statement

Alsahwa Net- The Yemeni government has expressed surprise over the statement of the British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to Sky News, pointing out that his statement contradicted what was agreed on Sweden.

 In his statement, Hunt spoke about “ neutral control” of Hodeida, saying that the Hodeida  ceasefire will not last if all parties don't honor the agreements they signed up in Sweden.

In response, the government affirmed that the legitimate government has the right, according to all international laws, to control all the areas of the state.  

It further spelt out that the Stockholm Agreement states that "Hodeida's should be under the control of the legitimate security forces as per the Yemeni law" and that Hunt's talk of "neutral control" is an wrong interpretation of the agreement.

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