Houthis impede redeployment in Hodeida, Lollesgaard says

Houthis impede redeployment in Hodeida, Lollesgaard says

Alsahwa Net- Danish General Michael Lollesgaard, the UN observer mission to Yemen, has said that the Houthis impede the redeployment plan in Hodeida.

During his meeting with the redeployment committee on Saturday, he said he will inform the United Nations about their impediments, asserting that he will explain how the Houthis obstruct the implementation of the Sweden Agreement. 

The Yemeni Foreign Minister Khaled al-Yamani on Friday called the UN to identify the party that stands behind the failure of the agreement’s implementation.

On Thursday, al-Yamani called the European countries to put pressures on the Houthis to end their support to the Houthis, emphasizing that Iran supports the Houthi group “which poses a threat to the region and the international peace a as a whole. 

In a remark to Alsharq al-Awsat newspaper, al-Yamani had said that Iran supports terrorist groups in the region, calling for taking firm stances towards Iran’s behaviors in the region.

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