Interior Minister: Two assassination cells were arrested

Interior Minister:  Two assassination cells were arrested

Alsahwa Net- Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maysari revealed on Wednesday that two assassination cells were arrested in Aden, affirming that investigation indicate that these cells are involved in assassinating 11 mosque imams. 

He also noted that the security situation is not only run by the Interior Ministry and that other authorities compete the ministry in this security file. 

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of the Endowment and Guidance Ministry spelt out that over 30 mosque preachers were assassinated in Aden and 200 others escaped to other areas.

A number of southern cities, particularly the port city of Aden, have been witnessing a wave of assassinations against activists of, mosque preachers and imams, government soldiers and political activists. All the assassination cases remain an unresolved mystery since no one case was investigated into or any arrests in connection with the crime were made.        

Yemen’s political parties had strongly condemned the assassination in the southern governorates, affirming  that such acts imperil  security and public order and hold Aden’s security authorities fully responsible for maintaining security, protecting civilians, pursuing perpetrators of assassinations and bring them to justice to be punished.

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