Western media bias in Houthis favor

Western media bias in Houthis favor


By Yaseen Khaled

For almost four years, Yemen's pro-government Taiz has been (the only Yemeni city) suffering a strangling siege with almost no end in sight. The Shia Islamic extremist Houthis have been killing the civilians there en mass by Katyucha rockets and individually by sniper shooting.

The western media totally ignores that. No western journalist or any of the successive UN peace mediators has visited the city. Even some aid organizations withhold aid from the city under the pretext of having no access to it.

Meanwhile, the western media continue to stand facts on head and label Sana'a, the launchpad of Houthi (local) Jihadists, as a besieged and war-torn city.

A recurrent falsification in these media comes in the form of a picture of a destroyed house in Nehm, a Sana'a outskirt, and a comment under the picture that goes "a boy standing near the rubble of his house in Sana'a destroyed by the Arab Coalition.. hablablabla."

Most recently the Business Insider published a story under the title "Yemen civil war: Who's fighting the brutal conflict .." with a picture and comment of this ridiculous and misleading kind.

Nehm is a mountainous and vast but scantly populated district. It is a warfront. Who destroyed this solitary house is not verified but it is blamed by the Insider's journalist on the "Saudi-led coalition."

The capital Sana'a is known among Yemenis to be the only city that has almost survived the war almost completely as no government forces invaded it and the Coalition's strikes, as usual, have been striking only military sites in al-Nahdayn and Attan mountains on the city's periphery. Whole blocks and sections in Taiz and Hodeidah have been reduced to rubble by the heavy weaponry of the invading Houthis. Both cities are besieged, Taiz in particular for nearly four years.

 And their suffering is totally ignored by the shamelessly biased media outlets of the US and the UK.

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