Due to indiscriminate bombardment, families leave villages of Hajour

Due to indiscriminate bombardment, families leave villages of Hajour

Alsahwa Net- Dozens of families have left villages of Hajour district due to the discriminate Houthi bombardment on their houses. 

The Houthis have been trying for weeks for taking over the district of Hajour in Hajja governorate, leaving dozens of civilians killed and wounded.

Meanwhile, Yemen Local Administration Minister Abdul-Raqeeb Fatah has called the UN's humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lise Grande, to immediately intervene to lift the siege imposed by the Houthis against a Yemeni tribe, Hajour, in Hajja governorate.

Fatah stressed the importance of coordination with UN organizations and sending relief to the residents of Hajour, affirming that the Houthis commit gross crimes against civilians.

He called all international organizations to use all forms of pressures to lift the siege and end the siege, condemning the international silence against crimes committed by the Hothis.

The Houthis have been imposing a strict siege for several weeks on Hajour, bombarding populated areas with different weapons and leaving scores of civilians killed and wounded.

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