Worshippers stop praying in Sana'a mosque

Worshippers stop praying in Sana'a mosque صورة تعبيرية

 Worshipers have stopped performing Friday prayers in Sana'a mosques due to the practices  and behaviors of the Houthis.

Locals of Sana'a affirmed that the sermons of Friday turned during the past months to sectarian incitement and calls for fighting in different Houthi fight fronts. 

They said that the Houthis appointed sectarian Friday preachers of mosques who incite against their oppositionists, insult them and accuse them with terrorism and conspiracy. 

The Houthis sometimes check cellphones of worshippers when they enter mosques with the aim of detaining their oppositionists.  

The Houthi Friday preachers also call worshippers during Friday sermons to denote to their militias and support campaign of the Central Bank of Yemen.  

Militias of the Houthis have replaced most of Friday preachers in Sana'a mosques, causing sentiment against the Houthi Movement.   

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