Houthis close down anti-trafficking of human beings organization

Houthis close down anti-trafficking of human beings organization

Yasser Ezzi

Alsahwa Net- The Iran-backed Houthi rebels have closed down the office of the Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Organization in Sana’a in the wake of revealing crimes of robbing human organs by the Iran-backed Houthi-rebels.

Chief of the Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Organization  Nabil Fadhel said that the Houthis’ response came after the organization exposed their criminal acts, affirming that they started to purse all the organization’s staff after the revelation of their crimes.

He said that the organization has documents and evidence proving the robbery of human organs.

The Yemeni Organization for Combating Human Trafficking has revealed that the Houthis rob organs of their wounded fighters and traffic them, and informing their families that they were killed in battlefields.

The organization quoted families of victims as saying that some of their relatives’ organs were robbed after being wounded in battles, explaining that these persons are murdered by the Houthis after the robbery of their organs.

The organization expressed deep concern over violations committed against innocent people in the Yemeni areas run by the Houthis.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press has revealed that the Iran-backed Houthi rebels detain dozens of Yemeni women inside private prisons and brutally treat them.

In a report released today, Thursday, the Associated Press quoted activists as saying  that the Houthi torture the women and blackmail their families.

It also quoted an activist as saying that the Houthis have been rounding up women over allegations of prostitution and collaboration with the Saudi-led coalition, which is at war with the rebels.

 “The Yemeni anti-trafficking group said it obtained new information showing that the rebels were carrying out atrocities such as “abuse, torture, and forced disappearances of women and girls in secret and illegal prisons.” The Associated Added.

An activists of an anti-trafficking group Nabil Fadel told that Associated Press that the arrests started after the Houthi appointment a year ago of Sultan Zabin as head of the Sana’a criminal investigation division.

“Zabin promptly launched a crackdown on prostitution and smuggling. Women who had been rounded up in the crackdown and subsequently granted release were sent to secret detentions in villas across the Yemeni capital, instead of being set free,” the news agency added.





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