UNSC demands to implement Sweden Agreement without delay

UNSC demands to implement Sweden Agreement without delay

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations Security Council on Monday demanded to withdraw forces ( mentioning to the Houthi rebels) from Hodeida port and other two ports without delay.

Spokesman for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Stephane Dujarric mentioned that the third meeting of the Redeployment Coordination Committee, chaired by Patrick Cammaert, convened yesterday on board of  a UN vessel berthed in the port of Hudaydah, and that another meeting was held on Monday.

“ Both parties have reiterated their commitment to implementing the Hodeida aspects of the Stockholm Agreement, and in particular, underscored their commitment to finding a solution that would open up the Hodeida-Sana’a road to allow humanitarian access to the Red Sea Mills” he added in a press release.

It was set that the Houthis would withdraw from Hodeida and its ports on January 07, according to the Sweden Agreement, but the Houthis did not pledge to their commitment.

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