Islahi leader meets French Ambassador

Islahi leader meets French  Ambassador

Alsahwa Net- Deputy Chief of the Islah party’s media department Adnan al-Odaini met Today, Tuesday, the French Ambassador to Yemen Christian Testu, discussing efforts aiming to reach a reconciliation  on the basis of the United Nations’ resolutions.

Al-Odaini stressed the importance of France’s support to the Yemeni political process, emphasizing that the Yemeni government and all political parties, particularly Islah, deal seriously in all negotiations.

Al-Odaini cited that the Iran’s backed Houthi rebels do not deal seriously with international efforts aiming to reach a reconciliation, asserting the importance of taking firm position by the international community in dealing with the Houthis.  

The meeting also touched on the dangers of terrorism and armed groups, calling all friendly states including France to support the Yemeni government in adopting a national strategy to combat terrorism and its roots, and support youth programmes which might restore trust on the usefulness of political seriousness.

For his part, the French Ambassador praised the role played by the Islah party in the Yemeni political life and its seriousness in dealing with efforts aiming to reach peace.

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